Are You Benefitting From Dental Insurance?

Bill* has been working for several years for the same company. He is known to be a good worker, and he’s generally well-liked by the people he deals with as customers and clients.

Bill does a lot for other people — his co-workers, his neighbors, and his family — but there’s something he should be doing for himself. He should be coming to Ascension Premier Dental in Geismar, LA, a couple times each year for dental cleanings.

Bill has dental insurance through his work, sort of. They take the money out of his paycheck every pay period, but Bill doesn’t go to the dentist like he should.

This means Bill isn’t really getting the full value of his dental insurance plan.

* Bill is not a real person, but if Bill’s story reminds you of someone you know, please encourage him (or her) to give us a call.


The Value Of Dental Insurance

If you are paying for dental insurance, then you owe it to yourself to visit the dentist. Otherwise, it’s like paying for a gym membership, but never actually going there to exercise.

The way many dental insurance plans are structured, you receive certain benefits each year. If you don’t take advantage of them, then you lose them. They don’t carry into the next year.

Many dental plans are structured to encourage patients to receive preventive care, like the professional cleanings and examinations that we provide.

If you aren’t sure what is covered under your company’s dental plan, give us a call. We may be able to help you understand what services are included as part of your coverage.


Isn’t Brushing And Flossing Enough?

It certainly goes a long way toward helping you maintain your oral health, and it can prevent many problems from getting started.

Nevertheless, none of us are perfect. Having a dental professional, like Dr. Bessonet or one of our dental hygienists, clean your teeth ensure that plaque and tartar buildup will be removed.

We will examine your mouth for any signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Routine checkups increase the likelihood that we will find these problems in the early stages when they can be treated more easily and effectively.

We also include an oral cancer screening as part of our examinations. We know this is not something that people like to think about, and we would prefer to not find anything. However, we also know that early detection greatly improves your odds of defeating this disease.

And we want you to continue to see us for decades to come.


What If You Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

That’s perfectly all right. We know that dental insurance is not provided by all companies, but that doesn’t make your oral health any less important.

This is why we provide multiple ways for our patients to cover the costs of dental care.

▶︎ In-House Dental Savings Plan

If you don’t have dental insurance, you can help reduce the expense of dental care by signing up for the In-house Dental Savings Plan.

This is a dental savings plan. With this plan, you can qualify for discounts on many dental services.

For example, your low annual fees can cover cleanings, examinations, and X-rays. Depending on your plan, you may even be eligible for free teeth whitening, so your smile can look its best.

▶︎ CareCredit

This is a health care credit care. It can be used to help finance dental care and lot of other things, including medical expenses and even veterinary care.

To find out if you qualify for CareCredit, just visit their website. You can read more about the plan and even apply online.

▶︎ In-house financing

While we do accept cash, credit cards, and checks, we are aware that it may be easier to spread out the cost of certain procedures. This is why we offer in-house financing for our patients.

We want to work with you to maintain both your oral and your financial health.

If you are making your first visit to Ascension Premier Dental, we encourage you to fill out to download and print our new patient forms before your initial cleaning.

This way you can fill them out at your convenience and save some time during your visit.


Working With You & For You Oral Health

Every member of our dentist office wants to help our patients in and around Geismar, LA. If you have questions about our services or about our payment options, feel free to contact us online or call us at 225-963-5548.

And don’t wait. It’s never too early to begin receiving dental care.