Have A Beautiful Smile By Christmas With Six Month Braces [BLOG]

Happy Holidays from Dr. Bessonet and our team at Ascension Premier Dental!

Yes, it’s only June. No, we didn’t post an outdated blog today by mistake. We’re simply celebrating the holly jolly holiday six months early because we’re it’s the perfect time to get started on your new and improved smile!

At the risk of inciting panic among all the meticulously organized planners out there who like to get a jump on holiday preparations, we’ll just say you can put the Santa list away for a moment. You still have plenty of time for presents!

But let’s take a minute to talk to you today about a gift you give yourself. If you’ve ever thought about orthodontic solutions for your crooked teeth but keep putting it off because you don’t like the idea of braces, Ascension Premier Dental has an alternative.

It’s our Six Month Braces, and it can give you the straight smile you’ve dreamed of just in time for the holidays. We know how easily a season can sneak up on you. If you’re like many people, summer probably did that to you already.

You keep telling yourself you’re going to get in better shape before even thinking about putting on that swimsuit, and then BAM! Suddenly you walk into a store, and there they are! Rack upon rack of two-piece bathing suits staring you right in the face. You immediately scold yourself for letting the summer season sneak up on you once again.

It happens to all of us! So today, we’re just giving you adequate heads up so you don’t find yourself in the same situation when all those invites for fun holiday parties start rolling in. If you get started with Six Month Braces today, you can have the smile you want just in the nick of time.

Unwrap The Gift Of Confidence

Being embarrassed about your crooked smile makes it really hard to enjoy yourself in social settings. It might even feel more excruciating than anything else! When you’re self-conscious about your appearance, it keeps you held captive. You wish you could walk over to that attractive person across the room and strike up a conversation, but you just can’t make yourself do it. You’d like to step closer to your small circle of friends for that group selfie, but instead you decide not to deal with the mortifying aftermath as it makes the rounds on social media.

Six Month Braces straightens your teeth and gives you a smile that can boost your confidence. For once, you can hop from party to party looking great and feeling great!

Unwrap The Gift Of Comfort

Traditional braces, while highly effective, can be really uncomfortable! The metal wires can poke and scratch against the soft tissues inside your lips and cheeks. It’s just part of the process, and it’s not the most painful thing in the world, but it’s just one of those temporary negatives we endure as a means to a desired end.

Six Month Braces are much like traditional braces, with two major differences. For one thing, they only really focus on the teeth people see when you smile. So they’re more comfortable in the sense that you don’t have them all throughout your mouth. You don’t wear them on the back molars, for example. And they don’t serve to adjust your bite the way traditional braces do.

So for those reasons, they’re more comfortable. They’re also more comfortable in the sense that they’re not as easily seen by people you interact with. Six Month Braces use tooth-colored wires and clear brackets, so they give you peace of mind because you won’t have a mouth full of metal like a teenager as you go about your life.

Unwrap The Gift Of Time

Because Six Month Braces only focus on the front teeth that show when you smile, the duration of treatment is only… you guessed it… six months! So you save yourself two or three years worth of appointments with this orthodontic treatment.

Start Your Straight Holiday Smile Today!

Get a jump on the holiday gift giving, and give yourself the gift of a straight smile in time for the holiday party season! Call us today at 225-963-5548 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation!