Boost Your Summer Smile With Teeth Whitening! [BLOG]

Summer is a great time to do some projects around the house. You’re able to bring some of that work outside and give yourself a little more room to spread out while repurposing old furniture. And with the kids home from school, you may even have a few extra hands to help you out.

It’s fun to tackle DIY projects when it comes to sprucing up the house. You could give your cabinets a bright new coat of paint, you can give your living room a small budget makeover with new pillows and other accessories, and you can even refinish consignment furniture.

But along with those DIY projects, you have to remind yourself that you get what you pay for. Some jobs are just better left up to the professionals. You probably wouldn’t lay your own flooring, install a new roof, or paint those vaulted ceilings yourself.

Just like with your home, your smile should be trusted in the capable hands of a dental professional who has the skills, equipment, and the experience to give you the brighter, whiter smile you want.

That’s why our team at Ascension Premier Dental recommends coming to Geismar, LA for your professional teeth whitening treatment!

Why Go Pro For Whiter Teeth?

Remove Stains

Everyone wants to have whiter teeth. It can make a huge difference with very little time or money, when you trust the professionals, that is.

Because what’s the point of whitening treatment, after all? First, it’s too remove stains caused by years of lifestyle choices. From food, to drinks, to even tobacco use, your teeth will reveal your habits.

Take that morning cup (or two, or three!) of coffee. Or that glass of red wine at the end of long work week. Maybe you like to indulge in darker foods like red pasta or fresh blueberries. You might even have been a tobacco user, or currently are, and wish you could somehow reverse the signs of that unhealthy habit.

Teeth whitening kits that find in stores just don’t have the same strength or effectiveness to give you the results you want. Only a dental professional, like Dr. Bessonet, can offer the prescription grade whitening agents and the advanced technology it takes to remove years worth of stains from your favorite foods and drinks.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

We all deserve a smile that makes us feel happy and confident. If your teeth are stained or discolored, it’s hard to feel either of those. A whiter, brighter smile won’t just show on your face. You’ll feel just as lit up on the inside! Imagine having the kind of confidence that allows you to walk into any situations and feel like you could command attention just by flashing your pearly whites!

Look Years Younger

You don’t have to spend a ton of money, time, and effort into plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures to look younger. Professional teeth whitening is an affordable, non-invasive, simple way to take years off of your appearance.

People who haven’t seen you in a long time will notice the difference, but they may not necessary be able to tell what you’ve had done! And they’ll certainly notice your radiant smile!

Boost Your Summer Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening

It’s important that, before you have any cosmetic dental work done, you have a healthy mouth. A whiter smile won’t get you very far if you have receding gums or decayed teeth, for example. That’s why the first thing we would help you do at Ascension Premier Dental is make sure your oral health is on track for cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Bessonet would also want to sit down with you to discuss your smile goals, your schedule, and your budget to make sure we choose the most effective whitening method for you. We offer a few different options for a whiter smile in our Geismar office, ones that you can either do here, or one you can do in the convenience of your own home!

Those store bought whitening kits don’t care about your oral health. They don’t care about your lifestyle, your smile goals, your schedule, or your wallet. You would have to do those treatments over and over again to even come close to the kind of results you get when a professional is in charge of your treatment.

Only in a dentist’s office can you find the whitening agents or the technology that deliver on their promises for great results.

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