Create Your Dream Smile This Summer With A Smile Makeover [BLOG]

Now that summer is almost here, you’re probably thinking about all those DIY projects that had to take a backseat while you managed your way through the busy holiday season, followed by spring sports season with the kids.

Luckily, there is one makeover project you don’t have to do yourself. At Ascension Premier Dental in Geismar, LA, you can make over your smile this summer without lifting a single hammer or heavy bag of potting soil.

Call our Geismar dental office and schedule a cosmetic consultation with us for a smile makeover. Dr. Bessonet will sit down with you and talk about your smile goals and budget so you can have the smile of your dreams in time for fun in the sun!

A Smile Makeover Can Change Everything

A makeover by its very nature is a comprehensive endeavor. When you transform anything, you’re taking a series of steps that will all lead to your desired end result. With a smile makeover, you undergo a series of cosmetic and restorative treatments in a methodical order that lead to the beautiful, healthy smile you imagined.  

Your initial appointment with Dr. Bessonet will be all about determining the action plan of procedures that will suit your needs and goals.

Naturally, the plan is different for everyone. You might have damaged teeth from a past accident that require veneers, for example, while the next person has stains from drinking tea or red wine over the years that can be removed with a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Your made over smile will do more than just make your smile more attractive. Here are some of the other benefits of this type of summer project.

Take Years Off Of Your Appearance

Over the years, your teeth will change. Many factors contribute to the kind of changes that take place or how drastic those changes are such as genetics, medical conditions, or lifestyle habits. They will shift, become worn down or change shape, and even become a dingy color.

A smile makeover can correct all those signs of aging. It’s amazing what a little cosmetic treatment like teeth whitening can do to take years off of your overall look.

Feel More Confident

If you’re embarrassed by flaws and imperfections in your smile, it can completely deflate your self-confidence. You aren’t able to enjoy yourself when you’re around friends, family, or when meeting new people because you’re too self-conscious about your stained, damaged, or missing teeth.

When you have a smile you know looks good, though, it changes everything about how you approach life. A beautiful smile gives you the courage to put yourself out there and fully enjoy life now that an embarrassing smile is no longer holding you back.

Get Attention, Win People Over, And Perhaps Turn A Few Heads!

If you know what it feels like to be embarrassed by your smile, then you probably notice people all the time who have perfectly straight, white teeth and an attractive smile. You’ve seen how they carry themselves and know how contagious that positive energy can be to the people around them. It’s probably made you wonder if you will ever have that same confidence.

And of course you will! That’s what a smile makeover can do. It can evoke positive attention from people who not only see an attractive smile when they look at you, but also a confidence that radiates when you’re around.

Make An Appointment For A Smile Makeover In Geismar, LA

Trusting your smile makeover to Dr. Bessonet and our skilled team at Ascension Premier Dental is the first step in achieving the smile of your dreams. It’s important to start with a healthy mouth, so Dr. Bessonet will thoroughly exam you for any oral health issues that may need to be addressed. Then you’re on your way to designing a treatment plan with our team that will makeover your smile and change your life for the better.

If you’re ready to get started, call Ascension Premier Dental TODAY at 225-963-5548 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.