Why Dental Implants Are A Worthy Investment [BLOG]


You’ve been there before. Months, maybe even years, of careful planning have gone into it. You’ve almost perfected the art of delayed gratification: sacrificed nights out while all of your friends post “Wish you were here” updates on Instagram… maybe even skipped a vacation or two, telling yourself it’ll all be worth it one day.

And then you jump. You finally make that big purchase. Then you realize, it isn’t what you thought it would be. Your dream home is an endless, dark, money pit. The car you saved and saved for breaks down about once a month, and you and the local mechanic are on a first name basis by now.

But it’s too late. You made a bad investment, and now you have to live with the regret. It’s one of the toughest life lessons to learn. Fortunately, some investments are worthwhile, and it doesn’t have to require years of sacrifice to see the return.

At Ascension Premier Dental in Geismar, LA, there is a tooth replacement option you’re not likely to regret. Dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry, and after reading today’s blog, you’ll understand what makes them a worthwhile investment.

Why Dental Implants Are Worth It

Dental Implants Help You Get And Stay Healthy!

If you’re missing one or several teeth, leaving empty space in your mouth is definitely not a healthy option. That decision leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of health problems that can go far beyond just your teeth and gums.

When a missing tooth leaves a hole in your mouth, several things will eventually happen. First, there’s the increased risk of developing gum disease. This is a dangerous disease that begins when bacteria in your mouth feeds off the sugars you eat and drink. It grows and grows and then buries itself comfortably under your gumline where it breeds more bacteria and eventually, infection.

The infection can harm your other, healthy teeth and make them loose or fall out entirely. Along with that, your jawbone is compromised as well. Without a tooth rooted in place, your jawbone will start to deteriorate, which also compromises the strength of your surrounding teeth and bone. We haven’t even started talking about what the infection from gum disease can do to you once it’s been allowed to seep into your bloodstream and, ultimately, the rest of your body. Studies have linked gum disease to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, just to name a few of the health risks involved.

Dental implants can save you from all of that because it acts as a new, artificial root that eventually attaches itself to your jawbone and is then covered by a natural-looking tooth replacement, restoring function and appearance to your mouth and smile. It’s an essential part of keeping everything in nice, working order. If you shattered your hip, you would replace it, right? The same concept applies. A dental implant allows you to replace the missing root and tooth so that everything around it continues to work as it should.

Dental Implants Secure Your Dentures For Good!

Tooth replacement is an investment, no doubt about it. And like any investment, it comes with a delicate balance of risks and rewards. Some people prefer removable dentures, and that’s great. Dr. Bessonet creates fantastic dentures for patients all the time in our Geismar dental office!

But we also know that dentures aren’t for everyone. They can sometimes have an impact on your lifestyle that some people aren’t willing to deal with. You have to clean and maintain them, replace them every few years, deal with adhesives that can be messy or unreliable, and sometimes you have to deal with embarrassing problems while speaking or when eating certain foods if your dentures shift around.

With dental implants, you have the option of keeping your dentures without having to worry about those uncomfortable issues. Call our office today and set up a consultation to learn more about our implant-supported dentures and see if one of them is right for you!

Dental Implants Give You Your Smile And Your Confidence Back!

Anyone with missing teeth, no matter how many are missing or what caused you to lose your teeth in the first place, knows all too well what a huge impact it can have on your life. It can negatively affect your food choices and nutrition level, your social life, and your overall self-esteem.

Dental implants are a wonderful solution to those problems. It helps restore beauty and function to your teeth so you can smile with confidence, enjoy the foods you love, and just go about your life without that constant emotional burden hanging over your head. Everyone deserves that. YOU deserve that!

If you’re finally ready to have the high quality of life you deserve, then call Ascension Premier Dental today at 225-963-5548 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. Let Dr. Bessonet help you determine if dental implants are the answer you’ve been looking for!