Keep Playing And Smiling With Invisalign

Terry is expecting two things to happen this year.

First, he is eager to play trumpet in his high school marching band. Terry has enjoyed playing the trumpet since he learned to play his first note, and he has wanted to be part of the marching band from the moment he saw them take the field years ago.

Unfortunately, Terry is more anxious about the second thing he expects to happen this year.

He has known for a little while that he would probably need braces. He remembered having the conversation when he noticed that both his parents had braces when they were in high school.

Terry was smart enough to realize that probably means he will need braces or some other orthodontic treatment as well.

Knowing what we know about Terry, we would encourage him and his parents to visit Ascension Premier Dental, where they could learn about Invisalign® as an alternative to braces.


What Is Invisalign, And How Does It Work?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses plastic aligners instead of brackets and wires.

Dr. Bessonet, our dentist, has used Invisalign to help several patients in and around Geismar, LA. Invisalign may not work for every patient, but it will work for a lot of people who are looking for a way to make their smile straighter.

Dr. Bessonet can examine your teeth or your teen’s teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. It can work on issues including:

▪︎ Gaps between teeth

▪︎ Crooked teeth

▪︎ Crowded teeth

▪︎ Teeth with bite issues

Those bite issues may be crossbites, open bites, overbites, or underbites.

Here’s what we could do if Terry came to our office.

We would make an impression of his teeth. Invisalign technicians would use that to create a series of computer-designed aligners for him to wear. Each aligner will be custom-made to move Terry’s teeth a little closer to being straight.

Terry would wear each aligner for about two weeks before switching it for the next one in the series. He will continue doing this until his teeth reach their final positions.

Then, he would wear a retainer for a short time to reduce the risk of his teeth relapsing, or drifting back toward their original positions.


How Would Invisalign Be Better Than Braces?

In one regard, Invisalign isn’t better. It’s the same.

Both braces and Invisalign can make Terry’s teeth straight. It’s just a question of how he wants to accomplish this goal.

We already noted that Invisalign uses aligners instead of brackets and wires. We didn’t mention that the aligners are transparent, which helps them disappear visually when they are placed over his teeth.

Terry may be a teen who doesn’t mind wearing braces. At the same time, we don’t know many teens who would object to a less noticeable orthodontic treatment.

You already know that Terry has to change aligners from time to time, so you may realize this means the aligners a removable. The aligners are similar to athletic mouthguards, and they can be removed as needed.

In fact, unlike braces, Invisalign aligners don’t have to be worn all-day, every day until his treatment is over. As long has he wears the appropriate aligner for 22 hours each day, he will receive the benefits if his orthodontic care.

This leaves two hours for eating meals (or the occasional snack) and for brushing and flossing Terry’s teeth.


Making Music

There’s another feature of Invisalign that may be particularly important to Terry since he is a trumpet player.

Some people find the brackets and wire feel scratchy against the soft tissues on the inside of their lips. For trumpet and other brass instrument players, this can make playing those instruments more complicated and maybe even painful.

Each Invisalign aligner is made of a single piece of smooth plastic. There are no brackets or wires to dig into the soft tissue, whether or not Terry is practicing on the trumpet.

He will need to get used to wearing the aligners, but knowing that they won’t cause him pain can make it easier for him to adapt his trumpet playing style either before or during marching band season.


Maybe Invisalign Could Help You, Too

You don’t have to be a trumpet player to see the advantages of an orthodontic treatment that is more comfortable, more convenient, and less visible than braces.

You can find out more about Invisalign by making an appointment at Ascension Premier Dental in Geismar, LA. Just call 225-963-5548 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment.