Restore Function, Beauty to Your Teeth at Our Geismar Dental Office {VIDEO}

Maintaining your teeth and gums is priority No. 1 at our Geismar La., dental office. A beautiful, healthy smile can improve your confidence and overall health.

Great preventive dentistry can help fight off cavities, gum disease, and harmful problems like diabetes and heart diseases that are connected to multiple dental health issues. What goes into giving you a healthy mouth?

Well, at Ascension Premier Dental, it starts with the staff. We also strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We have safe digital X-rays that give us precise, clear results and use microscope to help diagnose and treat your dental ailments.

When patients come to us to oversee their general care, we can also help make their smile more beautiful. Even a simple teeth whitening treatment can help make your smile pop.

Here is a message from one of our patients who has restored her teeth AND brightened her teeth all under one roof at Ascension Premier Dental. Her experience is the norm here. Come join our dental family by calling us at 225-963-5548.