The Incredible Dental Implant

A solid foundation makes something stronger.

This is true for people. This is true in construction.

It’s also true for teeth replacements.

And teeth replacements are better than they have ever been thanks to the development of dental implants.

Unlike alligators, human beings can’t regrow their lost and missing teeth. Dental implants are the next best thing whether you need to replace one tooth or every single tooth in your mouth.

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A Very Brief History Of Dental Implants

Back in the 1950s, a Swedish physician and professor was doing some research on blood circulation. As part of this research, Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark placed titanium cylinders into the leg bones of rabbits.

His plan was the remove the cylinders and reuse them as needed, only he wasn’t quite able to do that.

When he tried to remove the cylinders, he learned that the rabbits’ bones had grown around and bonded to the cylinders. This made them difficult to remove.

Where some may have been discouraged, Dr. Brånemark saw a new direction for his research. In September of 1965, he successfully placed a set of dental implants into a human patient.

Today, tooth implants are used by dentists throughout the world to replace lost and missing teeth.

For his contribution to dental care, Dr. Brånemark was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame this past May.

Implants Improve Teeth Replacement

Before dental implants, teeth replacements focused on replacing the natural crown of the tooth. That is to say, they replaced the part of the tooth that people could see.

Implants replace the roots of teeth, and subsequently, teeth replacements because more stable.

These titanium cylinders are placed into your jawbone where they provide the same role for your dental crowns, bridges, and dentures that your roots provided for your natural teeth.

As you heal from your implant placement procedure, your jawbone will grow new tissue that bonds directly to the implant to hold it firmly in place.

This makes implants a solid foundation to support the other part of your teeth replacements.

How We Use Dental Implants

From a dental perspective, it’s important to replacement missing teeth. If you lose a single tooth and choose not to replace it, you are increasing your odds of losing more teeth.

▶︎ If you are missing a single tooth, a dental implant and a dental crown can be combined for a complete replacement tooth.

The implant is embedded in your jaw. The exposed end has an abutment, which is where we can attach a dental crown.

Since our dental crowns are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth, many people won’t be able to tell which of your teeth is fake.

▶︎ If you are missing multiple teeth, dental implants can be used in combination with a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are created by fusing dental crowns together. The size of the bridge will vary depending on how many teeth you need to replace.

Likewise, the size of the bridge will determine if you need one or more dental implants to support it. The implants will make your dental bridge more stable, which means you can feel good about your smile and confident that your new teeth will stay in place when you go out to eat with your family or friends

▶︎ If you are missing one or both rows of teeth, then you should ask about implant-secured dentures.

Traditional dentures rest over your gums. As a result, they can slip out of place, which can lead to some awkward moments for you and whoever is with you at the time.

We can carefully place a series of dental implants in your jaw to provide the maximum support for your dentures. This provides increased stability to your dentures. It also makes your bite force closer to what it was when you had all your teeth.

As a result, you can feel comfortable ordering anything you like on the menu or telling that funny story about your last vacation without worrying that your dentures will fall out.

The Better Tooth Replacement Option

At Ascension Premier Dental, we want you to get the maximum benefit from your teeth replacements. This is why we offer dental implants. They make your replacements stronger and more stable.

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