Three Ways Oral Surgery Could Help You

Hopefully, you will never have to spend any time worrying about oral surgery.

With diligent, preventive care, you may be able to stop some of the problems that could create a need for oral surgery.

Nevertheless, Ascension Premier Dental is here to help if you or a member of your family should need this kind of procedure.

In our practice, oral surgery often is done as part of the treatment for another issue. Today, we will be discussing some of the reasons we perform oral surgeries at our dentist office in Geismar, LA.

▶︎ Reason 1: You need dental implants.

We love what dental implants can do for our patients. These are titanium cylinders that are used to replaced the roots of lost and missing teeth.

Implants can support a dental crown to replace a single tooth, a dental bridge to replace multiple teeth, or dentures if you need to replace a whole row of teeth.

Unfortunately, getting dental implants isn’t always as straightforward as simply placing the implant in your jawbone and then letting that bone heal.

Before you can get dental implants, you have to have enough room for those implants. Sinus can complicate this process if your implants are being placed in your upper jaw.

If you sinuses are too close, then we can perform a sinus lift, to create the room that you need. Then, we will be able to place your dental implants where they need to go.

In the lower jaw, a different issue can interfere with getting dental implants. The longer you live without teeth, the more likely you are to lose bone mass.

If your bone mass decreases too much, then it will not be able to support your implants. We can fix this with a procedure called a bone graft.

To do this, we transplant bone either from another part of your body or from a donor onto your jawbone. As you heal, the bone tissues will grow together to created the necessary support for your dental implants.

▶︎ Reason 2: You have gum recession.

Gum recession can occur as a result of advanced gum disease. This is when your gum tissue appears to be pulling back from your teeth.

As your gums recede, the roots of your teeth can be exposed and your teeth may start to feel loose in their sockets. (In fact, your teeth can fall out as a result of gum disease.)

To fix this problem, we will first need to treat and remove any infected gum tissue. Then, we want to restore your gums to their original position if at all possible.

Since you can’t regrow gum tissue, you may need a gum graft.

The needed tissue may be taken from another part of your mouth or from donor tissue. As with a bone graft, the tissue will grow together as you heal.

If you should ever need this treatment, you will need to be diligent about keeping your gums healthy.

▶︎ Reason 3: Your wisdom teeth are pushy.

Forgive our attempt at a joke. A vast majority of people (most experts place this between 75 and 85 percent) will need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars (the bigger teeth in the back of your mouth). They typically develop in your late teens or early 20s, and more often than not, your jaw is not big enough for them to fit.

That won’t stop your wisdom teeth from trying to push their way into your mouth. These can cause them to become impacted.

Impacted teeth increase your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease in that part of your mouth. They also can affect your alignment by pushing your existing teeth into one another.

Fortunately, we often can use technology to determine if wisdom teeth are going to become a problem before you start to experience the consequences of leaving them in place.

Wisdom teeth extraction is the procedure to remove these teeth before they can cause long-term oral health issues for you.

No Need To Go Anywhere Else

Some practices would refer you to another dentist for the procedures mentioned above, but we are able to perform all of them and more at our dentist office in Geismar, LA.

Using either local anesthetic or sedation dentistry, we can assure that you won’t feel any pain during your procedure. With dental sedation, you probably won’t remember anything about your procedure either.

To learn more about any of our services, including oral surgery, contact Ascension Premier Dental with our online form or by calling 225-963-5548.