Watch Out For Mouth Monsters This Halloween

They are creepy and they are waiting to get … your teeth. They are the Mouth Monsters, and Halloween is a time when they can be a worse problem than usual.

Unlike the people wearing masks who dress up like ghosts and ghouls on Halloween night, the Mouth Monsters are real and they are with us year-round.

Our team at Ascension Premier Dental can help you fight off those critters. You can start by coming to our dentist office for routine cleanings and examinations if you live in or near Geismar, LA.

And don’t forget to take care of your teeth between visits with us by brushing and flossing every day.


Getting To Know The Mouth Monsters

The experts at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry have been studying the Mouth Monsters for years. The AAPA have identified the monsters and what each of them likes to do.

Our hope is that you will do everything you can to keep them away.

With that in mind, here is a little bit about each of these tiny monsters:


Tooth D.K. (tooth decay) — Tooth D.K. has one goal. It wants to eat holes in your teeth, which we call cavities.

This starts when bacteria build in your mouth and form plaque, a sticky film that keeps the bacteria close to your teeth. This can lead to the tooth decay that eats into the protective enamel on the outside of your teeth.

If the decay eats deep into your tooth, you may have toothaches. You could even lose teeth.

▶︎ How to stop Tooth D.K. — Brush your teeth twice per day with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Scrub your teeth for two minutes each time you brush and be sure to clean your teeth on all sides.

You also can use a mouthrinse with fluoride to help make your enamel stronger.


Ginger Bite-Us (gingivitis) — While Tooth D.K. wants to damage your teeth, Ginger Bite-Us has a different target in mind. She wants to attack your gums.

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease. This also starts with bacteria that cause your gums to become infected. This can make your gums look swollen (puffy) or redder than usual.

Another sign that you have gingivitis is when your gums bleed when you are brushing or flossing your teeth. This can be a clue that you need to change your daily hygiene habits.

The bad news is if gingivitis is allowed to remain, then it can turn into periodontitis. This can cause even more damage to your gums and can cause your teeth to fall out.

▶︎ How to stop Ginger Bite-Us — First, keep brushing your teeth twice a day to remove as many bacteria as possible. Second, remember to clean between your teeth and gums every day. You can use dental floss, water flossers, or flossers to clean the spaces that your toothbrush can’t reach.


Tartar The Terrible — Tartar is often the last Mouth Monster to arrive. Tartar forms out of the plaque that was one your teeth. As it hardens, it turns into tartar, and once tartar arrives, it does not go easily.

In fact, tartar can make it harder to remove tooth decay and gingivitis as well. The best approach is to prevent tartar from feeling welcome.

▶︎ How to stop tartar — Honestly, tartar is not going away without a fight. The best way to get rid of tartar is to let one of our dental professionals at Ascension Premier Dental remove it for you.


Treat Your Mouth Right On Halloween (And After, Too)

As much as you might like candy, the Mouth Monsters may like it even more. Why? Because Mouth Monsters want sugar.

The bacteria that cause tooth decay and gingivitis use the sugar in our food to form plaque. It’s okay to enjoy some candy, just don’t eat too much and remember to brush and floss your teeth as soon as you are able afterward.

When you do eat sweets, drinking water can help wash away the small pieces that can get stuck in your teeth — which is right where the Mouth Monsters want them to be.

And don’t forget to visit our dentist office in Geismar, LA, after Halloween for a dental cleaning so we can help you remove any plaque or tartar that you might have missed.

Remember, we want to keep the Mouth Monsters away so you can keep your teeth and enjoy Halloween for years and years to come.

To make an appointment at Ascension Premier Dental, contact us online or call 225-963-5548.