A person’s smile is a beautiful thing. It tells the people around you how you are feeling. It lets loved ones know that you’re happy. Having issues with your smile can rob you of the ability to express yourself fully to others. You are not quite you without your smile. Ascension Premier Dental can help provide cosmetic dentistry Geismar, LA, to residents regain their confidence. With our cosmetic dental care, we can help make you whole once more.

What we do everyday on our office’s cosmetic dentistry o, that could be from a simple filling on a front to a full mouth rehabilitation. But anytime we touch a patient, we consider it cosmetic dentistry because our goal is to make that tooth or teeth look like they’re supposed to naturally. We have patients that come in sometimes and aren’t happy with their smile and we always try to offer them different options. The best option for each patient is going to be different. One patient may benefit from porcelain veneers, another patient may benefit from simply moving the tooth with short term clear braces and then bleaching the teeth. Each patient is unique and their problems are unique. We take that into account when we see each person. We like to offer them the best treatment and if the best treatment doesn’t sooth them, we’ll work it out from there to make sure we can do whatever it takes to make them happy.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Cosmetic dentistry will allow you to correct issues you have with your smile and help you look the way you want to look. Some of the cosmetic dentistry Geismar, LA area offered by Dr. Calvin Bessonet at Ascension Premier Dental are:

  • Veneers – Veneers are a way for you to improve imperfections on your teeth. A thin layer of porcelain is bonded to each offending tooth to give your smile a better appearance.
  • Whitening – Having your teeth whitened is another cosmetic dental care for people with stains or discolorations affecting their teeth. Our professional teeth whitening procedure is much more effective than store-bought methods.
  • Orthodontics – Orthodontics is a more involved form of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Calvin Bessonet will start the process to shift the current position of your teeth to correctly align them. Two of our more popular alignment options are Invisalign clear braces and Powerprox Six Month Braces.

If someone comes in and they have slight imperfections in their teeth … they may have a few chipped edges or, maybe some slight discoloration in a few spots, we can use dental bonding to change that in one visit. Any staining of your teeth, or any broken areas can be … we can use dental bonding, which is, basically, filling material to repair the teeth, and to blend into the tooth so you can’t see where it starts and where it ends. It’s a good option for minor defects and minor repairs. I have a patient, a few years ago, I still remember, who came in, her incisival edges were slightly chipped.She had been thinking about it, for, actually a few years of getting it done, but she was so nervous that the treatment may not turn out right, and that her teeth would be irreversibly damaged that she’d put off treatment. When she came in we ended up … she allowed me to bond her teeth. It’s been about … it’s been about three years now, and every time she comes in for a cleaning she says that she’s so happy that she finally did it, and that it looks as good today as it did three years ago. It was only a couple millimeters of bonding, but … you know, to her, when she smiled and talked, you know, it meant everything.

  • Teeth contouring/crown lengthening – This cosmetic dental procedure is used to give your teeth a uniform look by gently shaving the enamel, or slightly adjusting your gums. This is a fast, effective way to improve the look of your smile.
  • Gum reshaping/gummy smile treatment – This type of procedure actually affects the position of your gumline in relation to your teeth. By moving the gumline, Dr. Calvin Bessonet is able to help improve the appearance of your smile. There are several different methods that we might use to perform this procedure, including laser reshaping, which is painless.
  • Gum recession treatment – When your gums recede, usually as a side effect of gum disease, your teeth can appear longer than normal. This affects your smile. Dr. Calvin Bessonet is able to treat your receding gums and normalize your gumline.
  • Tooth bonding – This is a cosmetic dentistry process where a resin that matches the shade of your teeth is applied to correct minor flaws in your teeth. Tooth bonding is less expensive than other options, such as veneers.
  • Smile makeover – You and Dr. Calvin Bessonet will look at whatever issues you have with your smile. Together, we’ll develop a treatment plan to fix all your issues. Take a look at our Smile Makeover and Smile Gallery pages to see what Ascension Premier Dental has done for others, and what we can do for you.
  • Botox® – Botox injections are available at Ascension Premier Dental. Dr. Calvin Bessonet is able to help with the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet, and other problem areas using this procedure. This treatment can be the finishing touch for your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is an effective way for you to look and feel your best about the smile you have. Give Dr. Calvin Bessonet a call today at 225-263-6806 to schedule your cosmetic dentistry Geismar, LA area appointment. You can also visit the Contact Us page to fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.