Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can be very hard to deal with. Lacking confidence in your smile takes an emotional toll on you. Dr. Calvin Bessonet and his team at Ascension Premier Dental, which serves the communities of Geismar, LA and Prairieville, LA are here to help you with any alignment issue you may have. Through the use of modern orthodontics treatment, we will have you smiling freely again in no time. Call our dental office at 225.963.5548 to have your schedule to our Orthodontics Geisma, LA area appointment.

With orthodontics, we have three types of orthodontics that we offer here. We offer Invisalign treatment which is basically removable trays that align your teeth. It's nothing glued to your teeth. You do have to wear them 23 hours a day. You can take them out to eat and to brush, but other than that, you want to keep them in. They slowly move your teeth into the position that we want. The treatment plan for Invisalign is all computer generated so that we can show the patient the final result before we even begin.

The other option we have is what we call six-month braces. Six-month braces are clear brackets that we glue onto the teeth where we mainly concentrate on moving the front teeth. A lot of adult patients like this option because they're not really as much concerned with their back teeth. They have their rotation or too slightly out of line in the back, they're not as much worried about that. They're more worried about their front teeth, and the alignment, and making sure they're even. With six-month braces we can put them on, and then in six months we can move all of your front teeth into the ideal position. You combine that with bleach, and all patients are always blown away by such a drastic change in such a short amount of time.

Third option we offer is comprehensive orthodontics. Comprehensive orthodontics involves moving all the teeth in the mouth to their ideal position including the back teeth. That option takes a little bit longer. It may take one to two years, but some people want that option. They want it, they're going to put braces on, they want to move every tooth into the perfect location. We offer that too.

Orthodontics Options

Ascension Premier Dental offers many types of braces for teeth, when it comes to orthodontics treatment. Dr. Calvin Bessonet will help you figure out which option is right for your situation.

Traditional Braces – Traditional braces are the tried-and-true approach to correcting any orthodontic issue. For that reason, many of our patients choose this option. It is familiar, and there are very few unknowns when it comes to treatment. These braces will be visible when you smile but will offer the treatment needed to correct your situation. Traditional braces consist of the following parts:

  • Traditional Brackets – These brackets are the standard metal brackets you are accustomed to seeing. Our brackets are made out of nickel titanium.
  • The arch wires, bands, and other parts of this orthodontic treatment are all industry-standard materials.

Short-Term Orthodontics – This option is for those who would like a speedier journey to straight teeth. Whereas traditional braces may take two to three years, these options can correct your smile in as little as six months.

PowerProx Six Month Braces – This technique uses a low-force method to correct the alignment of your teeth in as little as six months. They are nearly invisible through the use of clear brackets and wires that match the color of your teeth. This system is ideal type braces for adults who needs to fix their smile fast.

Invisalign – The Invisalign system is the clear choice when you have an alignment issue that needs to be corrected, but you don’t want any visible orthodontic sign. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays to gently move your teeth into the correct alignment over time. Because the aligner material is clear, they are virtually undetectable by people around you.

Preventive Orthodontics – This type of orthodontic treatment is used to prevent issues from occurring or reocurring. Retainers are used after your braces or alignment system is removed. This will keep your teeth from moving back to the positions they were previously in.

Spacers are used in conjunction with some orthodontics treatment to create a small space in between teeth. This helps prepare teeth for the desired alignment treatment.

Clear Ceramic Braces – These ceramic braces for adults are much like Six Month Braces in that they use discreet materials that are hard for other people to notice. However, they straighten teeth like traditional metal braces. Talk to our orthodontist Dr. Calvin Bessonet and his team to determine if this system will work best for your situation.

What Do I Do Now?

Your next step is to give Dr. Calvin Bessonet a call to set up your first appointment. Call our office at 225-963-5548 today to schedule to our Orthodontics Geismar, LA appointment. You can also reach us by leaving a message through our online contact form.