Root canals involve removing the nerve of a tooth when its become infected. A lot of people that we see have pain, maybe it just came about, or maybe its been chronic, maybe its been for weeks and they can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Well, the source is usually the nerve of a tooth. We have tests to diagnose that, and once we figure out which tooth it is, we offer a root canal to get you out of pain.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about root canals. A lot of people think they hurt during, they hurt after, and it’s simply not true, it’s an old wives tale. If you’re in pain and you need a root canal, you want one as soon as possible. If had two myself, so I speak from experience.

We perform all root canals in-house. We use a microscope to see down deep within a tooth to make sure that we’re not missing any part of the nerve or any infected tissue in there. Make sure we clean it all up properly and seal it properly so that once we go in there and relieve your pain, it doesn’t come back.

I’ve had several patients who refused root canals in the past and we explain to them the process, they feel more comfortable about it. They get it done and they can’t believe the relief they feel right away. As soon as we numb them up, that’s it, that tooth won’t hurt anymore.

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