Having white teeth is not something people think about until their teeth aren’t white anymore. That is when they become an issue. Smiling for pictures, when you see an old friend, or when someone wishes you a good morning is now something you may try to avoid. Dr. Calvin Bessonet is able to help you with Teeth Whitening Treatment Geismar, LA location.

What is KöR Whitening?

The KöR teeth whitening system is one of the most effective teeth whitening systems available today. Offered only by dental professionals, KöR teeth whitening can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

How does KöR work?

KöR uses the latest scientific methods to achieve a greater teeth whitening effect than other competing systems. The results far exceed those of any store-bought treatments. From the special application method KöR developed to their insistence that the formula be refrigerated for maximum effectiveness, you can be assured you are receiving an industry-leading teeth whitening product.

What are my KöR options?

The type of KöR treatment you need will depend on your situation. Not everyone needs the same level of treatment. Not all stains are created equal. Some will require more intense treatment, while others can be addressed with a home-based whitening plan. Dr. Calvin Bessonet will help you pick the KöR treatment that is right for you.

All KöR teeth whitening options start with an in-office consultation. This allows Dr. Calvin Bessonet the opportunity to evaluate the stains, or discolorations on your teeth. At this point Dr. Calvin Bessonet will develop your personalized teeth whitening treatment. This plan will be specifically laid out to address the issues that you are having.

In-Office: The KöR teeth whitening system that is performed in-office starts with a conditioning appointment. This is called the Jumpstart appointment. It provides an initial teeth whitening treatment and primes your teeth for the treatment that is going to come. After the Jumpstart, you will have a few weeks of at-home whitening, and then a final in-office appointment to have a highly concentrated KöR whitening gel applied to your teeth.

At-Home: KöR teeth whitening treatments include an at-home regimen in addition to the initial in-office treatment, or KöR may be done entirely at home. The amount and type of stains will directly impact how long the at-home portion of your treatment takes. The time ranges from two weeks all the way to 12 weeks.

What makes KöR better?

Doesn’t irritate your gums – KöR teeth whitening trays are made specifically to fit your teeth. This means that the teeth whitening solution will be applied only to your teeth and won’t end up on your gums.
Even whitening of your teeth – KöR trays also allow for a more even whitening of your teeth.This is because the tray applies the whitening solution evenly across all of your teeth. The trays also keep your solution from getting watered down by your saliva.
Permanently whitens – The KöR teeth whitening system is designed to completely bleach every stain-causing particle in your teeth. These particles are then white, or colorless, for as long as they remain. You may need to periodically touch up your teeth with a whitener, but your teeth will remain several shades whiter than when you started.

How do I get started?

Contact Dr. Calvin Bessonet today at 225-263-6806 to schedule an appointment. He will be able to work through the options with you to find the one best suited to your situation. You can also leave him and his team a message using our online contact form. Your journey to whiter teeth begins with a call.