Dr. Bessonet and his team at Ascension Premier Dental offer full-mouth reconstruction services to patients in need, especially those in the Geismar and Prairieville, LA communities. If you are living with a worn-down or damaged smile or are simply missing a lot of teeth, this solution may be for you. We can tailor your full-mouth reconstruction to fit your specific needs. Below are the general steps you will take during the process, from start to finish, but the details will be dependent entirely on you. We would love to help you achieve a healthy, functioning smile once again! Contact us with any questions or concerns and to schedule your full-mouth reconstruction Geismar and Prairieville, LA area.

Step One: Schedule Your Consultation

I think it's a very relaxing, comforting atmosphere, there's no pressure here, there's no judging going on here. We're here to serve the patient however they want to be treated. We always want to do the best for them and we always start with the best treatment options, we work out from there to whatever option best suits the patient.

Our environment is just more calm and relaxing. I've been told by several patients, especially people who have had phobias in the past and fears that they had never felt so comfortable in a dental office before. I think it has a lot to do with our technology too, we have TV's in the ops, we have music playing, we keep a lot of our instruments out of sight, so when people walk into our office they don't necessarily feel like they're in a dental office. I've had a lot of patients comment on that, I've had a few patients recently move out of state and some of the comments were that one of their biggest worries was finding a new dentist because they had become so comfortable with us. I took that as a big compliment.

The very first step in the full-mouth reconstruction process is to schedule your consultation! You can do so by contacting our dental office. At this consultation, we will be able to examine your situation and discuss your goals for your new smile. Setting up this visit is the first thing you must do to achieve the healthy, functional, and beautiful smile you deserve.

Step Two: Undergo X-Rays and Dental Exams

Well, patients first come to us, they can expect to have a full set of x-rays done and their gums examined. A lot of people come to us and they may not have seen a dentist for a long time. They may have some nagging pain, but they can't quite pinpoint it. A lot of times it's just the fact that their gums are unhealthy. The first thing we do is get x-rays to rule out any pathology or any cavities, also to see the bone levels underneath the gums. If you've ever heard the term periodontal disease, that's what it is. It's bone loss around your teeth. That's the first step. We want to make sure that we start with the gums, the tissue, to make sure that that's healthy. That's going to decide on how long you keep your teeth. You can have teeth that aren't susceptible to getting cavities, and you can still lose your teeth as you get older. It's because the periodontal disease is neglected. The first thing we want to do is rule out any periodontal disease or any gum infections on our patients.

Once you have scheduled your consultation, you now need to show up for it! After you arrive at our dental office, we will perform a series of examinations (visual and otherwise) as well as capture some images of your smile using our digital X-rays technology and intraoral camera. This will allow us to get a really good idea of our starting place.

These images and exams will also tell us what dental procedures might be right for you. Which leads us to the next step:

Step Three: Create a Treatment Plan

Once we have the information we need regarding your current smile situation, we can discuss how we can help. We want to know about your personal goals for your smile and what kinds of changes you would like to see. We will tell you all about the procedures that we recommend for you and answer any questions you may have.

The goal is to choose the specific dental procedures that will best help your smile. You can choose from dental implant solutions, veneers, dental crowns, and more. Let’s work together to create a dental treatment plan that fits your specific smile needs.

Step Four: Undergo Treatment

The next step is to undergo treatment! Depending on the treatments we have chosen together, your full-mouth reconstruction process may be able to be completed in one additional appointment, or it may take a few. This variable entirely depends on your starting place and the procedures we have chosen. Talk to our team if you have any questions about the timeline of your procedures.

Step Five: Enjoy Your New Smile

The last step in the process is to enjoy your newly healthy and functional smile! We are positive that you will enjoy its pleasant appearance, too. Your new smile will offer you the confidence you need to enjoy your life to the fullest!

If you still need to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 225-963-5548 or send us a message using our online form to have a schedule to our full-mouth reconstruction Geismar and Prairieville, LA area appointment. We can’t wait to help you get started on your journey to a happier smile.